JUDY (Roblox) Wiki


Judy appears to be a young and slender woman with lightly tanned skin, green eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair with bangs, pink lipstick, purple eyeshadow and pink blush on her cheeks. She is seen wearing a pink sundress with short sleeves with a pink ribbon wrapped around her waist, accompanied with beige heels.


Judy was a former famous actress in Hollywood, along with her friend Linda. Judy also has a manor, with a butler that wears a mask since the worms had started to eat away at his face. One day, Judy is given 'FOREVER BEAUTY' as a gift from Linda. It was a gift that made her corrupted. Her face turns “plastic”. She is then “replaced” by Linda and later goes missing. With no search efforts leading after her, Judy then goes to the perfection lab to fix her, but they fail. She ends up becoming a monster, and her soul gets corrupted by evil.

Chapter II - Freed from Evil

The Player Lures Hydra Judy into the spikes and Judy gets freed from evil and Judy appears to float in the sky and talking to the Player.


  • Judy was murdered by Linda.
  • When the Judy ride stops, you can faintly hear the song "Tonight You Belong to Me" by Patience & Prudence play in the background.
  • When you lure hydra Judy into the spikes, you can see her floating in the air and talking to the player.